You may be reading this article most probably because you and your partner may have problems in making the very consecrated fruit of your loins and you are looking for tips to increase chances of getting pregnant. Or perhaps, it just so happened that you clicked this particular article as it flashes out in the results of your search query. Nonetheless, this reading may be very helpful for you if you are looking to increase chances of getting pregnant.

But before we dwell on the tips to increase chances of getting pregnant, you should first consider looking in to the factors that may cause infertility among men and women.

The first two factors dwell on the issues that men have that could contribute to the infertility.

  • First, men may have a problem in the quantity of sperm cells that are produced during their ejaculation. This problem is simple to comprehend; if the number of sperm cells from the male is little, then the chance of getting a successful fertilization is practically low as well. Furthermore, there would be a decreased chance of getting the egg cell fertilized, as there would be fewer sperm cells that could survive as they enter inside the cervix and the uterus.
  • Second, men may have a problem in their sperm regarding the issue of quality. As the sperm cells’ quality is low, there would be a less likely chance of getting women pregnant since their life expectancy is virtually low. The next three factors dwell on the issues that woman confront as these issues result to a less likely successful fertilization.
  • The third factor that would result to the failure of fertilization of egg cells among women would be the polycystic ovary syndrome. This condition causes hormonal imbalances in the body making fertilization practically impossible because the production of egg cells may have halted due to the improper release of hormones in the body.
  • Fourth, women may have problems in their fallopian tubes. We all know that fallopian tubes are very vital in the egg cell’s travel towards the uterus that is why if there were a problem in the fallopian tube, then it would also spell out trouble when it comes to successful fertilization. Far worse, women’s egg cells may be fertilized in the fallopian tubes resulting to a more complicated condition.
  • Lastly, endometriosis affects the infertility among women. This is because this condition entails the abnormal growth of endometrial tissues outside the uterus. In turn, it causes bleeding in other parts of the pelvic area making fertility virtually impossible.

Upon knowing the factors that may cause you and your partner a lesser chance of achieving a successful conception, you now may basically avoid them to increase chances of getting pregnant. Moreover, there are additional tips to increase chances of getting pregnant.

  • The very first tip to increase chances of getting pregnant is knowing the ovulation period among women. Ovulation occurs around the 14th day of a woman’s normal menstrual cycle that spans around 28-32 days. Getting the right timing for the ovulation period will dramatically increase chances of getting pregnant.
  • Second tip to increase chances of getting pregnant is controlling the weight of women. Overweight women usually have a complication in terms of estrogen production. The over production of estrogen may cause a less chance of getting pregnant since the estrogen dominance will result to a more complicated infertility condition.
  • The third tip is maintaining regular exercises. If you are doing constant exercises, then you have can increase chances of getting pregnant since there will be a healthy maintenance of blood sugar. This will prevent the body from having hormonal imbalances that may affect the likelihood of a successful fertilization. However, you should not over work yourselves because stress is also attributed as one of the factors that increase infertility.
  • Lastly, you be able to have a balanced diet to increase chances of getting pregnant. You should include foods that have healthy fats such as olive oil, virgin coconut oil, peanuts, avocados, and fresh eggs. Also, you should include dairy products to increase chances of getting pregnant. Furthermore, you should have green leafy vegetables in your diet.