The basal body temperature method is a very effective method to increase your chances of pregnancy. The best thing about it is that you only need a BBT thermometer and a BBT chart.

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The basal body temperature method involves charting your basal body temperatures on a graph that displays a range of temperatures in relation to the days of your menstrual cycle. Some digital BBT thermometers come with a sample graph that can be enlarged and photocopied. You may also opt for a BBT chart download or do the charting online. The important thing is to note the temperatures, and how you choose to note them depends upon your personal preference.

A BBT chart is basically an ovulation chart that helps in knowing the time of ovulation. A woman’s body temperature varies according to the days of the menstrual cycle. Basal body temperature is the lowest body temperature attained during sleep and is measured immediately on waking up. For a correct reading, it is imperative that the temperature is taken before any physical activity because body temperature tends to rise with activity. Ovulation causes a slight increase in basal body temperature and a careful study helps in determining the time of ovulation.

Unfortunately, the basal body temperature method is only indicative and does not pinpoint the exact time of ovulation; in that case, women wanting to conceive should monitor cervical mucus. Immediately after menstruation, the cervical mucus is sticky or chalky. It starts getting thinner as you approach ovulation. It turns to the consistency of egg-whites at the time of ovulation. Couples planning to start a family should have sexual intercourse, ideally every day as long as the cervical mucus retains egg-white consistency.

Some women can check cervical externally but others do not have adequate cervical mucus and may have to check internally. An ovulation BBT chart, in combination with tracking cervical mucus, is a great way to know your fertile times.

Timing the intercourse is essential because the human egg normally lives for a short time, approximately 24 hours. In absence of any other fertility problem the basal body temperature method will aid in conception within four to six menstrual cycles.

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