We all know that your womb gets bigger when you get pregnant. But have you ever wondered what really goes on inside there as the fetus is growing and developing? Getting a good understanding of what happens in your uterus during pregnancy might help you a lot in understanding the whole miracle of conception.

You may have encountered your uterus several times without knowing it. It comes in the form of your menstruation or painful menstrual cramps. Many women know too little or none at all about the uterus because we never really pay any attention to it unless we have already gotten or still trying to get pregnant.

What does a uterus look like?

If you haven’t got the slightest idea of what a uterus looks like, it actually resembles the shape of a pear that has been flattened. It is a hollow organ made of smooth muscles and is located in the middle of the pelvis. It is made of three parts: the cervix that is connected with the vagina, the body which is its major part, and the fundus or upper part found lying just above the uterine tubes.

What is your uterus made of?

Your uterus is made up of smooth muscles lined with glands that contract during labor, orgasm or menstruation. Every month, your body ovulates to prepare itself for a possible pregnancy and the glands grow thicker as a result of stimulation by the ovarian hormones. If pregnancy doesn’t occur, the thick lining is shed off in the form of menstruation.

What is the role of uterus in pregnancy?

Your uterus serves as the home of your baby in the nine months that it needs to stay and develop, therefore it is also known as the womb. However, your uterus is not only where the baby grows during pregnancy but it has other important roles as well. The uterus supports the vagina, bladder and rectum and it also aids in the flow of blood to the ovaries.

What happens to the uterus during pregnancy?

At the occurrence of a pregnancy, the cervix of your uterus will rise and slowly turns soft. This is because your uterus will need more space to make room for the growing fetus inside it. To attain this, it will move the abdominal cavity up above the belly button. That is why as the months progressed, many pregnant women feel the constant urge to urinate as the bladder is being pushed up by the abdominal cavity.

As delivery time draws near, the head of the baby starts to drop into the pelvis. The uterus will rise above the belly button by week 20 of the pregnancy. This will cause an abnormal position of the uterine as well as a change in the position of the baby. By the end of week 37, your uterus during this time of your pregnancy is now located at the lower side of your rib cage.

Now you know that as your baby continues to grow, so does the size of your uterus in order to accommodate the baby inside it. Hence, this gives the woman a pregnant look. The enlargement of the uterus during pregnancy will also push the navel to bulge. You will be astounded by the capacity of your uterine to stretch in order to house your baby. By the end of your pregnancy, it will have stretched to as far as 22cm in depth, 24cm in width and weighed 1000 grams. This is absolutely one of the wonders of pregnancy. Other parts of your body that enlarge aside from your uterus during pregnancy are your breasts as they start to produce milk for your baby.

All these changes will cause sleeping problems and discomfort to a pregnant woman. You need to adopt and develop different sleeping positions to make yourself and the baby inside of you as comfortable as possible.

When you do finally give birth to your baby, you will marvel once again at your body’s ability to sustain and give life and your uterus plays a big part of it.

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