Nothing could devastate a happy marriage more than finding out that you are doomed to be childless for life. It can cause depression, anxiety and grief. While it can be an emotionally rocky path to take, there are ways to make it better and your first step is to seek treatments of infertility.

The condition of infertility dates back to as old as mankind but it was mostly pointed to be a woman’s deficiency. It was only in the last fifty years or so that research reveals that men can be partly at fault as women. A considerable number of couples who are in their ripe reproductive age are struggling to conceive. This can be emotionally stressful and may cause a strain in the relationship.

If you have been trying to bear a child for months or years but to no success, there must be something wrong with you or your partner’s reproductive health. If such is the case, it is something that should not be ignored especially if you are approaching the age of 30. As you get older, the eggs released from your ovaries will drop to a significant amount making it extra harder for you to get pregnant.

Get pregnant naturally

Read the two known treatments of infertility that many other couples having the same problem as you do have used and find out if they can work for you as well.

1. In Vitro Fertilization or IVF

One of the treatments of infertility is called the In Vitro Fertilization or IVF

How is it done?

This process is done by taking the female egg or ova outside the womb. A minor surgery called follicular aspiration is needed to achieve this. The egg is then mixed with a sperm by placing them in a dish in the laboratory and wait for it to become fertilized. If you choose to do an IVF, you will usually be given fertility drugs to stimulate your ovaries to develop mature eggs. Your doctor will decide which fertility drug combination is right for you.

How does it feel?

After the procedure, you may feel a little cramping but it will usually go after a day or two. Starting this type of treatment of infertility can be a nerve-wracking experience for many but it may be somewhat of a consolation to know that this type of treatment of infertility is done when all other treatments have failed.

What is its success rate?

Thousands of babies have been born through IVF since this technique was first successfully performed in 1978.

2. Intrauterine Insemination or IUI

Another one of the treatments of infertility is called the Intrauterine Insemination or IUI. You may know it by its more common term human artificial insemination (AI). This type of treatment of infertility is usually the first option among couples because it does not involve fertility drugs that may be harmful. It is also quite affordable compared to other methods of treatment of infertility.

How is it done?

This procedure is relatively simple. It is done by placing washed sperm directly into the uterus using a small tube. It is commonly used in cases when the male has a low sperm count or if the woman’s cervical mucus is abnormal.

How does it feel afterward?

This method is fairly painless. There might be a cramping afterward that is more often related to the ovulation process rather than the IUI procedure itself.

What is its success rate?

There is a slimmer chance for success with IUI than with IVF. Doctors often use ovulation drugs to increase chance of pregnancy. If you choose this method of treatment of infertility, speak with your doctor as to the risks and a probable chance of a successful conception.

The abovementioned treatments of infertility involve medical procedures to be performed to achieve results. However, if you want a much safer and natural approach, there are infertility natural treatments that you can try such as:

  • Eating healthy foods that have fertility nutrients such as whole grains, oily fish, garlic and some sea foods.
  • Keeping track of your menstrual and ovulation cycles to know the right days when you are ovulating.
  • Taking a folic acid vitamin that is essential for conception. It is recommended by doctors to aid in egg production.

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Get pregnant naturally

Careful planning and consideration can help you determine the proper treatments of infertility that is appropriate for you and your partner. Choosing which suitable method in order to conceive your first-born is only the beginning of your responsibility—as a future parent—to make wise decisions for the welfare of your family.