Ever wondered if you could have children? Start by checking your Sperm Motility Count.

Many young couples nowadays are excited to conceive children and they want to conceive as young as possible. We always have the notion that the younger we conceive, the more we get to enjoy our children and our children’s children. But for some couples, having children can only be a dream.

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Infertility is a serious issue. And one thing that is important to be known and acknowledged by both men and women alike is the fact that half of the entire problem with infertility is caused by men.

While many people think that counting sperm is just about numbers and that it doesn’t have any correlated effect on a couple’s inability to bear a child, it’s actually more than that and a male’s motility count is among the major culprits.

Motility is described as a distinctive ability of a sperm to swim and move towards an egg in order to simulate fertilization. This characteristic in sperm is also regarded as the ‘quality’ of a sperm. This quality that is motility is responsible for successful pregnancies to happen. Therefore, the fertility status of a male varies according to his Sperm Motility Count.

A sperm count or motility count is the number of concentration of sperm that can be measured or counted. A male’s ideal motility count should be 20 million sperms for every 1 milliliter of semen. That is the ideal guideline provided by the World Health Organization. Any number greater than that is also good, however, if the numbers drop to lower than 10 million, that should be a cause for worry. You might think these numbers are astonishing given that only one egg is needed to be fertilized. The explanation to that is only 20 to 40 million sperms are capable of making the long and struggling journey to the woman’s fallopian tube and towards the awaiting egg.

There are different reasons why you can have low motility count and some of these are:

  • You may have an abnormally shaped sperm;
  • poor diet and nutrition such as low levels of zinc, a chemical that can help increase a sperm motility count;
  • certain medications that you could be taking such as steroids;
  • smoking and excess alcohol consumption

A low motility count can be an indicator of infertility but it doesn’t have to be a permanent problem. There are several methods that you can do to increase your sperm motility count. These are:

  1. Since bad health is one of the causal factors of a low motility count, start by improving your diet. Avoid the unhealthy habit of eating processed foods and start consuming foods with high protein and low fats. Vegetables and organic foods are a must.
  2. Getting enough exercise is a huge part of keeping yourself trim and healthy.  It helps reduce stress hormones that damage sperms. However, careful to avoid too much exercise. It can cause over-fatigue and will stress you out even more. In addition to that , avoid exercise routines that can damage your testicles.
  3. To increase your motility count, observe the correct and proper timing on when to have sex and how often. It is advisable to have frequent intercourse when you have a motility count problem. Ask your doctor for a more detailed information on this.
  4. Avoid wearing tight-fitting jeans, pants or underwear. Over-heating your testicles can be damaging, thus, resulting to a low motility count.
  5. Consider taking safe and natural male supplements that can provide all the essential nutrients needed for sperm health to increase your motility count. Be sure to look out for minerals like zinc and selenium, amino acids like L-carnitine and vitamins C and E are also vital for your sperm health.

The problem with infertility, particularly when it is associated with low Sperm Motility Count is not unusual among men. Although it can be frustrating and depressing, there are ways to cure it. Talk to your doctor and be properly advised on the steps that you need to take to battle infertility. In time, your hopes and dreams of having children might still come true.

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