After having trying months and years to avoid conception, the very thought of pregnancy can indeed be daunting. You naturally want it to be quick and effective. A BBT chart is an effective way of understanding how to take control, increase pregnancy chances and achieve success within 4 to 6 menstrual cycles.

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BBT chart refers to basal body temperature chart and BBT charting allows you to know when you have ovulated. It is a fertility awareness method that is scientifically proven. It can also be used as a means of birth control but should not be confused with the rhythm method. It is based on the theory that basal body temperature changes during the follicular (first half) and luteal (second half) phase of your menstrual cycle.

Two hormones, estrogen and progesterone are in control during the first and the second half respectively. Estrogen aids the ovaries to produce an egg, which is released during ovulation. Progesterone becomes the dominating hormone and prepares and maintains the uterus during pregnancy. Progesterone levels fall if no fertilization occurs within the ‘fertile’ period. Estrogen is a ‘cool’ hormone while progesterone is a ‘warm’ hormone and both affect the basal body temperature.

It is wrong to believe that every woman ovulates on the 14th day of her menstrual cycle. A woman can ovulate on the 10th or 21st day. Moreover, the human egg lives for approximately 24 hours and time is of great importance. A BBT chart lets you know the right fertile time for having sex.

Preparing a BBT chart also lets you know whether you are ovulating at all or not so that you can consult a doctor. Sometimes it is an underlying condition such as a thyroid problem that impairs infertility. BBT chart can help in identifying thyroid problems as basal body temperatures tend to be very low or high respectively in under-active and hyperactive thyroid conditions.

For using a BBT chart to increase pregnancy chances, all that you need is a thermometer, preferably a BBT thermometer. Temperature changes during the menstrual can be quite small and a BBT thermometer allows you to measure differences in basal body temperature to 0.10 degree. You may prepare a BBT chart by yourself or opt for a BBT chart download from a dedicated website.

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