Centuries ago, women get married and have children at an awfully young age. Old tradition dictates that women should have kids while they are still young to avoid health risks. Pregnancy over 40 a hundred years ago would probably cause a stir in the society with everyone speculating at how the mother could be risking her own life.

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They may have reason to do so.

Medical studies on fertility and pregnancy reveal that a female’s fertility status declines rapidly than a male’s and age plays a major role in this dramatic fall down. As a female, your age is an important factor to ensure that you produce the healthiest offspring possible. Therefore, if you want to deliver a healthy and bouncing baby, it is best to get pregnant at an early age or at your highest reproductive age. A woman’s ovary produces the healthiest eggs in her 20’s. Upon nearing the age of 30, it will start to decline and more so after reaching thirty and every year after that. A study conducted on age and pregnancy reveals that your reproductive organ’s ability to conceive will start to deteriorate even as early as the age of 27. From that fact, we can presume that pregnancy over 40 may pose some risks or problems on the part of the conceiving mother.

An estimated number of 20 percent of women from ages 35 to 39 are infertile. This fact had some hopeful mothers above 40 anxious to get pregnant. Although this is a significant number, it is not true to all cases. Some women who have undergone pregnancy over 40 have given successful births. Even though it poses some health risks, it is not entirely impossible. You can still achieve pregnancy over 40 but it may take you longer to do so.

If you are nearing 40 and still want to bear a child, there is still reason for you to get excited because it is still possible. A visit to your doctor is a good start. He will order you to undergo several tests to indicate whether your reproductive system is a fertile ground for conception to occur. If some problems are detected, there are treatments such as injection of hormones and estrogen that can be applied. In fact, pregnancy over 40 is not as terrifying as it used to be thanks to modern medicine.

If you and your partner are still planning to go through pregnancy over 40 and want to be successful at it, there are some things that you need to do to achieve it.

First, pregnancy over 40 can be achieved by finding the perfect timing to have sex and get you pregnant. Since your fertility deteriorates as you age, your ovulation days will also be shorter. In this case, timing is of the essence. Keep track of that time of the month when you are most fertile and have plenty of unprotected sex during this period and in days before and after that. To keep track on the peak of your fertility, you must be familiar with your monthly ovulation cycle.

Another tip to achieve pregnancy over 40 is to keep fresh sperm and egg that will meet in order to conceive. To ensure that you get conceived by a fresh sperm, avoid having sex days before your ovulation occurs because the sperm can stay and last up to 3 days in your uterus and by the time you ovulate, the sperm is already 3 days old. Same goes with your eggs. Keep them fresh by having frequent intercourse at the height of your ovulation.

Pregnancy at 40 may have its own risk but there are also several advantages to it. Some of the benefits of pregnancy over 40 are based on physical and psychological factors. Women who are considering about starting a family at 40 are often more highly educated. They are also well-of because they have stable and permanent careers. That would cross out the financial burden of raising kids. Plus, the older you get, the healthier you want your life to become so your body is well-nourished and prepared for a possible pregnancy. At this age also, women are more confident and independent. They now exactly what they want and are more determined and skilled on how to get it.

Pregnancy over 40 or at any age is exciting. Be fully prepared before it happens and when it does, keep your body and health in excellent shape so you can give birth to an equally healthy baby.

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