A lot of women experience pain and cramps in the abdomen all the time and the reason for it is mostly associated with menstruation. However, never let your guard down when it comes to assessing this type of symptom as it can lead to other more serious ailments that you may be unaware of.

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One of the most common conditions in women is developing cysts. In most cases, the cysts may stay undetected for a long time with the absence of any symptoms. In others, it can be manifested through ovarian cyst pain.

Ovarian cysts are sacs filled with fluids and can be located in or on the female’s ovaries. There are several types of pain that a patient with ovarian cyst may experience and these may occur in the abdomen and pelvic area.

Here are some examples of ovarian cyst pain:

1.   Menstrual Period Cramps – Several women often feel mild to severe painful cramps during their monthly menstrual cycle. This is known as dysmennorrhea. This usually occurs because of the presence of ovarian cysts. In this case, the patient may feel pain at any time within the menstrual cycle and not only during menstruation.

Reasons for the pain:

  • For ‘functional’ cysts, the pain can be due to the cyst’s reaction to levels of hormones in the blood.
  • A condition called endometriosis can also be a factor. This can lead to what are known as endometrial cysts or the development of uterine tissues outside the uterus.
  • Prostaglandins are also reasons for the pain. These are produced by the endometrial tissue that triggers contractions thereby producing ovarian cyst pain that feels like cramps.

Note that not all women with ovarian cysts experience menstrual cramping. It varies between patients.

2.   Pain During Sexual Intercourse – For several women who have endometrial cysts, what is to be a pleasurable act of sexual intercourse can be uncomfortable and painful. Ovarian cyst pain during sex can occur because of the thrusting motion of the penis that can irritate the cysts. When an ovarian cyst ruptures, the pain from having sex can become almost unbearable.

3.   Pain from Cyst Twisting the Ovary – A sharp pain can occur when the cyst twists the ovary that cuts blood flow. This is also known as ovarian torsion. Other symptoms aside from the acute pain are the feeling of sickness and nausea.

4.   Pain from Urination – Even the simple act of doing your personal business in the bathroom can be very painful if you have ovarian cyst. The cyst may be pushing against your bladder.

Some cysts can be pretty easy to treat but they usually get worst first before they start to get better. It’s best to detect ovarian cysts early so they can also be treated immediately and heal quickly.

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