Pregnancy is probably the most exciting part of woman’s life. What is more wonderful than having live human being formed inside your body? Unfortunately, there are several factors that make it more of a chance than a privilege. And the chances of pregnancy over 35, unfortunately, become slimmer.

Age is a determining factor for pregnancy. Ages around 20 to 28 are the best and most fertile period for a woman. A woman of this age will most likely get pregnant one for every four attempts. The general notion is that the older a woman gets, the lesser the chances of her getting pregnant. To put it simply, chances of pregnancy over 35 are really different from those who belong to younger age group.

As a woman reaches the age of thirty and beyond, she begins to experience reduction in her fertility. A decrease in the number and decline of the quality of egg cells and hormonal changes due to altered menstrual cycle and ovulation are caused by aging, which makes the chances of chances over 35 pretty limited.

Safety issues

Complications and health risks chances during pregnancy is considerably high. Any woman who decides to conceive a child at later ages should be aware of not only the limited chances of pregnancy over 35 but also its risks as well. The following are the most common complications often associated with late pregnancies.

Birth defects

A child who is born out of a late pregnancy may more likely to acquire birth-related defects than those who are born out of younger mothers. Defects are usually genetically related, such as autism and Down’s syndrome. Babies who are born from older mothers are also more likely to have low birth-weight.

Problematic pregnancy

Since a woman experiences difficulty in delivery of the baby, most likely she will choose the caesarian method. This is to ensure that the baby will be safely delivered. Worse, cases of stillbirth (birth of a dead fetus after the 28th week of pregnancy) are more common for those older women.


The chances of miscarriage for pregnancy over 35 are around 20 percent, which means that 1 out of 5 pregnancies will lead to miscarriage. This often occurs as a result of abnormal chromosomal activities, as well as the weakening of the reproductive system during late pregnancies.

Other than lesser chances of pregnancy over 35, various health problems are more likely to arise on the mother during pregnancy of later ages.

Hypertension and high-blood pressure

This condition, while may occur even to younger women, is more likely to hit those who get pregnant over 35.

Despite of the risks, still it should not discourage any woman from getting pregnant, since even though chances of pregnancy over 35 is relatively slim, still there lies a fact that there is still a chance for a successful pregnancy. The following are some of the ways to improve this chance.

Improve diet

Include foods high in vitamins and nutrient to the daily diet. Folic acid is among one the most important of these. Fruits and vegetables contain not only high levels of folic but also other essential vitamins such as Vitamin A and C and nutrients like iron and beta-carotene.

Exercise regularly

A healthy body is often associated with active physical lifestyle. However, strenuous exercise may also result to a decline on the fertility, which reduces the already-slim chances of pregnancy over 35. Therefore, exercise regularly, but relaxingly.

Avoid alcohol and cigarette smoke

This tip right here is definitely a no-brainer. Obviously, alcohol and cigarettes have no positive effects to the body. Worse, compounds in cigarette smokes have been linked to infertility and birth-related defects.

Enjoy life

Stress is probably the most common cause of most diseases and decline to the fertility. Reduce the workload and get involved with some fun and enjoying activities with your partner and friends. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed.

Indeed, a woman will definitely face the consequences of a late pregnancy, added to the fact that chances of pregnancy over 35 are somehow little. Nevertheless, those things mentioned above, coupled with medical assistance and the advancement in the technology make it more possible for her to achieve this goal and have a fulfilling life.

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