There are still so many women who are trying to conceive at 40, some even trying to conceive over 40. There are contemporary technologies that can make getting pregnant at 40 possible.  These modern medicines can also help younger women having trouble getting pregnant.

New technologies in getting pregnant are preferable. However, there are still some experts who consider these new technologies, like artificial hormones and In-Vitro Fertilization, controversial.

You can hear warning about older women from different sources. These sources include the papers, doctors, books and even online.  The older the woman gets, the higher the risk of infertility and other pregnancy complications.  But still, you can consider this option if you are trying to conceive at 40, or if you are trying to conceive over 40.

Older women have more experience in life, they are more stable financially and they are more mature emotionally. These traits make them more fit as a mother. But these are not the only attributes needed to become a mother.  Being older means that their bodies have taken in more toxins compared to younger women. These toxins are some of the leading reasons why older women are having trouble getting pregnant.  These toxins may cause infertility, complications during pregnancy and may even lead to miscarriage.

When toxins contaminate the DNA and cells of the body, a potential harm is imposed in the body. This includes having a higher risk of infertility. With this the development of eggs and follicles may be affected.

Though these modern medical treatments for infertility are cutting edge, they are not proven to be successful all the time.  This is why it is not easy trying to conceive at 40.

Fortunately, there are alternative treatments for these modern technologies. An example of this is the Chinese medicine that helps improve fertility among women. This treatment has been protecting the reproductive system of women for over a thousand years.  This can definitely help women having trouble getting pregnant. This medication can help improve the quality of eggs, have a normal menstruation and ovulation, and have a great pregnancy and a healthy baby.

This natural treatment from China also happen to be backed by scientific evidence. These Chinese medications are proven, not just safe, but also very effective.

Even though these medicines are very good, they are not widely used, especially in the western health care. This is because most western doctors are not used to the idea of natural medications. They only know modern therapies like clomid and the IVF technique. Instead of opting for natural therapies, doctors will usually advice you to have a sperm donor or forget about having a baby.

You can opt for either the modern technological medications or the natural medications. Its all up to you. You can find information about these natural medications in books, journals, and in the Internet. These sources can give you information that will be very helpful to you if you are trying to conceive at 40.

Here are some simple instructions you can follow if you are trying to conceive at 40, or if you are trying to conceive over 40.

  • Take note of the starting day of your period. This is because the best time for pregnancy is when you start to ovulate. 14 days after your period is the time of your ovulation.
  • You should also observe the secretion of your vagina. When your discharge is slippery and clear, this means you are very fertile at the moment. You will know that your fertility has decreased if your discharge becomes cloudy.
  • Then you should get a thermometer to monitor the temperature of your body every day. When your temperature rises, you are probably fertile at the moment.

These are some of the simplest tips you can do if you are trying to conceive at 40. This may also be helpful to women who are having trouble getting pregnant. If you are still trying to conceive over 40, you might as well have sexual intercourse all the time.

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