Oftentimes, women freak out when they reach the age of 30 and still have not produced babies. This is because women’s fertility tends to dramatically drop after reaching the age of 30. But this problem does not only concern women alone. Men are also dealing with male fertility and their age.

Just how old is a man ripe for reproduction? It seems like they never need to worry about it. We often see 60-year-old men get married to 20-plus-year-old women and they conceive healthy children.

Fact is, fertility can affect men and women alike but at different ages. More and more men prefer to get married later in life without worrying about menopause and infertility that comes with old age. For many years, we have always assumed that male fertility remains the same from puberty until old age and even until they die. But it’s about time that men start to be concerned about male fertility and age as well. It seems like the biological clock is also ticking away the reproductive years not only in women but also in men.

Old Age and Male Fertility

While men in their 70’s and even 80’s are still capable of conceiving children, however, it will take years for them to do so compared to the usual months-long that much younger men take to conceive. As you age, your testes become smaller. Moreover, your sperm’s motility and shape also declines. A study reveals that the probability of a couple to take longer than a year trying to conceive is 8% when the male is under the age of 25 and will dramatically rise to about 15% when the man is over 35. Imagine how many percent more for it to rise when the man is over 50. It is believed that the chance of trying to conceive within a year is lessened by 3% every year after the man turns the age of 24. Moreover, if a woman has a partner who is 5 years older than she is, she has a slimmer chance to get pregnant within a year compared to if she has a partner who is her age.

Male Fertility and Old Age – The Effect on Your Child’s Health

The effect of old age on male fertility is not only apparent through your sperms motility and shape, but it can also affect the health of your child as well. There is an increase in the number of evidence that children born with older biological dads have a higher risk of genetic abnormalities and other long-term health problems. The reason for this is because older men develop and produce unhealthy and damaged sperm that have undergone DNA mutations. A study published that older men between 36 to 57 years old have a higher probability of producing damaged sperms compared to men aged 20-35 years old.

How to Enhance Male Fertility even in Old Age

These facts on how male fertility is affected with old age can be very frustrating especially for aging dads, but don’t dwell too much on the problem. There are plenty of things that you can do to keep yourself trim and healthy and increase your fertility and potency at the same time.

Here are some easy guidelines to follow to beat the biological clock and increase male fertility in old age:

  • Keeping a healthy diet would be a good way to start. The size of your waist is relative to your testosterone level. Fats decrease the level of your testosterone and your belly fats destroy tour testosterones faster than any other fats found in your body. Avoid eating fatty foods that can increase your weight. By avoiding certain types of fatty foods, you are not only improving your Testosterone levels but you are also reducing your risk of contracting a heart disease.
  • Consider having a thorough medical check-up with your doctor. Other causes of infertility are clogged ejaculatory ducts and inflamed veins in the scrotum.
  • Beware of taking strong medications that can affect male fertility especially in old age. Some of the medications are nitrofurantoin and steroids.

There is nothing wrong with settling down late and having children even later. Although male fertility can be affected with old age, there are studies that show that men’s fertility can be retained to as old as the age of 94. There are potential risks but your best defense is to keep a healthy lifestyle to beat the ticking biological clock that threatens to reduce male fertility come old age.

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