When it comes to infertility, sperms motility is most often the culprit.

The number of infertility cases is rising to astonishing levels as the list of biological and environmental factors that are causing it continue to grow. For this reason, many young couples are faced with growing concerns that their hopes of conceiving may never be achieved.

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Contrary to myths and old beliefs, recent studies reveal that men are equally as responsible as women when it comes to infertility problems. There are a number of factors that can cause male infertility and one of it is the sperms motility. Motility is the unique ability of a sperm to swim and move towards an awaiting egg and stimulate it to become fertilized. This apparent characteristic in sperm plays a vital role in the beginning of a conception that will hopefully end with a full term child birth. For this reason, your sperms motility is a highly significant factor that should not be overlooked when you are looking for potential causes of your infertility.

If you have ever wondered why you are unable to succeed in helping your partner conceive your first born, there may be certain things that you could be doing wrong and it all starts with your sperm count and sperms motility. Either that or you were just naturally born to be infertile.

Your sperms should be able to move fast enough to infiltrate the egg. That’s sperms motility. And there should be enough of them to make that long and difficult journey from the male member, into the woman’s fallopian tube and towards the egg. For your sperms to achieve this you should have an average count of 20 million sperms per milliliter of semen; anything lower than the average should not be neglected.—but nothing too serious that it cannot be treated.

If you are starting to feel an increasing worry as to why the baby you have long been waiting has not arrived still, there are a number of reasons for it such as:

  • the baby is simply taking longer to conceive;
  • you may be taking certain medications that are detrimental to your sperms motility;
  • you are eating unhealthy foods and lacking in exercise;
  • you wear too tight-fitting pants and underwear that can raise the temperature in your groin area;
  • you have a wrong timing and frequency of intercourse with your partner

The list can go on. But these are the most common reasons that many of us take for granted and think that they do not physically affect us in any way.

There are 5 natural methods that you can rely if you want to increase your sperms motility. Some of these methods have been followed and practiced by some men and have worked on them. See if they will work on you, too.

  1. Health and diet are important factors that affect your sperms motility. Start by eating healthier foods specifically those that contain selenium. Selenium is used to make selenoproteins. These proteins aid in increasing the production of semen. Some examples of foods rich in selenium are seafoods, garlic, eggs and brazil nuts.
  2. Take Vitamin E and C supplements. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the body from toxins and free radicals that can impair your reproductive health and lower your sperms motility.
  3. Zinc is an important mineral that improves sperms motility and boost the volume of your sperm. There are a lot of foods rich in zinc such as liver, lean meat, nuts and grains.
  4. Another organic compound that you should look out for is amino acids like L-carnitine. L-carnitine is needed in the production of sperm. Medical studies suggest that L-carnitine can enhance your sperms motility in less than 5 months. Dairy products like milk and cheese are good foods to eat for a load of L-carnitine.
  5. There are certain natural herbs that you can take to improve your sperms motility such as ginger and maca root. These herbs have been used by many cultures from past generations until now to aid in increasing your chances of conceiving.

There are no wonder drugs that you can take that can directly improve your sperms motility. While natural herbs have been proven to be therapeutic and have cured many illnesses known to man, there is no reason why it can’t help you with your sperms motility problem. There are special herbs formulated to promote sperms motility and solve your problems with infertility.

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