Getting pregnant comes very naturally to some, while others may end up spending a lot of money just to conceive. Medical intervention to increase chances of pregnancy almost always has its side effects. Thankfully, there are a few natural methods that help increase fertility without compromising the health of either of the two partners.

A few of these natural yet extremely effective methods are discussed here:

Quit Smoking – When you want to get pregnant, both men and women should quit smoking. It is a proven fact that smoking, drugs and alcohol, all diminish the possibility of conception.

In fact women who smoke have a 40% lesser chance of conception and men who smoke are also known to have a heavily lowered sperm count. Quitting smoking also helps increase your chances of a healthy baby and avoid a miscarriage.

Calculate your Ovulation Dates – A woman is fertile only 14 days before her period begins. So learn to time your menstrual cycle and then calculate your ovulation dates to increase the chances of conception.

It will also help to learn about how to detect your ovulation by taking note of your vaginal discharge. Having intercourse during ovulation translates to a much higher chance of conception.

Exercise – It is a fact that in comparison to those who lead a sedate life, fertility is higher in men and women who exercise regularly.

Obese people are also likely to have trouble in getting pregnant and therefore, exercising is a great way to increase chances of pregnancy.

De Stress – Strangely the more you stress about not getting pregnant, the more you will diminish your chances of conceiving. So sleep well, eat nutritious food and stop worrying yourself sick about getting pregnant.

Wear Appropriate Clothing – Synthetic and tight clothes are known to sometimes result in a dropped mortality rate of sperms. It is essential that when looking to increase fertility, men make sure that they are not squeezing the sperm production center of the body.

Drive in moderation – Another aspect to keep in mind when aiming to increase fertility is to drive in moderation. Men who drive for several hours a day tend to have a lowered sperm count which adversely affects the chances of conception.

Avoid Lubricants – Many lubricants are spermicidal and therefore, it will help to avoid using them when hoping to get pregnant. It is also believed that lubes do pose as a hurdle for the sperm to reach the egg and therefore, must be avoided in order to increase chances of pregnancy.

Having a baby is a wonderful experience. Many factors such as age, toxins in body and even ailments, tend to adversely affect ones chances of getting pregnant. However, while in some cases medical intervention is necessary, others can get pregnant simply by following a few natural tips like the ones listed above.

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