Want to increase your chances of getting pregnant? Read on.

A lot of women are dealing with infertility problems. That’s not something to be alarmed about. Infertility is a common problem and 6.1 million American women are affected by this from ages 15 to 44.

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Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant or conceive after months to a year of unprotected sex. For a woman, it is simply being unable to carry a child in the womb to a full term until the time of its birth. If you are over 30 and still trying to conceive but to no avail, that’s a valid reason to go to your doctor for a check up and perhaps go through some fertility tests.

If you are suspecting that you could be infertile, there are number of reasons for that. However, your worries should not last for long because there are some cases of infertility that are curable. In other words, if you are infertile now, it does not automatically follow that you will be infertile for life. You don’t have to be reminded every so often that seeking medical treatment as soon as possible can give you higher possibilities of conceiving rather than when you wait a couple of  years later when you get a little older and your fertility declines at a more rapid pace.

Many women are eager to get pregnant at an early age, but unfortunately for some, achieving it involves a difficult process. If you have been trying to increase your chances of getting pregnant for some time now but with no success, try these simple tips and see if they can work for you as well. A very important reminder before you start doing some of these methods, consult your doctor first of your health condition in case there might be some activities or foods that you need to avoid that may worsen your condition rather than alleviate it.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant fast:

  1. A way to increase your chances of getting pregnant is to avoid taking pills and other medications related to contraception. Taking too much pills can cause an irregularity in your cycle. If you do stop taking pills, you will probably notice that your cycle will be irregular for a while. That’s the side effect of withdrawal. You will probably become fertile in the first month right after you stop taking the pill.
  2. Take loads of folic acid. This is also an effective way to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Aside form folic acid, there are several prenatal vitamins in which you can take to help boost the health of your future baby and decrease the risk of birth defects.
  3. Saying no to smoking and prohibited drugs is a good way to start to increase your chances of getting pregnant. These things contain toxic substances that lessen your chances of a possible pregnancy. What’s worse, when you do get pregnant, you can be at risk of a miscarriage, premature birth or low-birth weight of your baby. Smoking cigarettes can also affect the sperm count of your partner and we all know that a low sperm count is also an indicator of infertility in male. If you do not smoke but your partner does, that’s secondhand smoking which is even worse than smoking yourself.
  4. Lower your alcohol and caffeine consumption. Research suggests that drinking too much caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and colas can reduce your body’s ability to absorb iron and run the risk of a still birth should you get pregnant. Try substituting to decaf to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Women who are also trying to get pregnant are recommended to avoid alcoholic drinks.
  5. Keep a reasonable body weight. It is easier to increase your chances of getting pregnant if you have a normal body mass index (BMI) within the range of 20 to 30. Studies reveal that women who are underweight or overweight have difficulty getting pregnant.
  6. Experimenting in different sexual positions with your partner is also a great way to increase your chances of getting pregnant. One tip, let him deposit his sperm as close to your cervix as possible.

These are only some of the easy ways to increase your chances of getting pregnant. Do these simple tips with the help of your partner and beat infertility in no time.