As a newly married couple in our mid-thirties, we had been trying to conceive a child and were trying everything from pills to different sex positions. Only after reading some information about natural ways were we able to effectively increase chances of pregnancy to conceive a baby.

The first thing that we did, was to make sure that my husband only wore comfortable, loose-fitting clothing. This was crucial because tight fitting underwear and clothes were keeping the testicles too warm, which was slowing down the production of the sperm. This simple change drastically helped to increase chances of pregnancy.

Another thing that we did was to make sure that we increased the number of times we had sex during the day and we made sure that we did it in the morning. When couples have sex in the morning, the male will have a higher sperm count that helps to increase chances of pregnancy. It is also suggested that couples have sex at least three times a week. This will make sure that the semen and sperm are new and ready to fertilize an egg.

To make sure that we were having sex at the right time, we enlisted the help of an ovulation prediction kit. This test alerted us when ovulation was going to begin, by indicating when a specific hormone was present in my urine. Having sex during ovulation can help to ensure that the sperm has an egg to fertilize.

We also had to change their diet to remove all of the fatty foods and junk foods that were preventing us from having a healthy diet to increase chances of pregnancy. We began eating more fruits and vegetables and we also eliminated their consumption of alcoholic beverages. Alcohol will greatly reduce the fertility of both men and women and it also reduces the sex drive.

We realized that if we had simply tried these simple and natural steps from the start, we would have been pregnant a lot sooner. By making minor adjustments, you too can increase chances of pregnancy and conceive the child that you are longing for.

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