The number of infertility cases worldwide is rising and so is the number of natural products in the market, with each one claiming to ‘work wonders’ infertility. Hence, the birth of natural fertility supplements.

Facing infertility problems is very hard for couples who are eager to have children the soonest possible time. If you and your partner have been trying to have kids for months to years without success, you should start considering the possibility of an infertility condition either on your part or you partner’s. A trip to the doctor may help as he can put you through a series of laboratory tests to diagnose and confirm your fertility status.

After you have been medically diagnosed to be infertile, there is no need to neither panic nor lose hope. Fortunately, there are many infertility cases that have been cured with the help of certain medications. There are cases that can be corrected. It is important that the condition is detected while you are still young because fertility—especially in women—declines rapidly as they age, specifically every year after reaching the age of 30.

Taking natural fertility supplements should be the first step in finding a cure for infertility. They are less expensive and they are made of natural ingredients so they hardly present any risk to your health. There are natural fertility supplements that can help treat infertility without having to go through more advance medical treatment. These natural fertility supplements are developed and manufactured by chemists and can be readily available at your local health food shops and supermarkets.

If you are certain that you are infertile, try these recommended natural fertility supplements to help speed up the possibility of pregnancy.

1.   Maca Powder – The Maca is a natural fertility supplement that is a root vegetable. Its scientific name is Lepidium Meyenii and it originated in the Andean Mountains. It is traditionally uses as

  • an aphrodisiac for men and women
  • to boost male fertility by increasing seminal fluid, sperm count and motility and it also helps correct impotence and erectile dysfunction
  • to improve female infertility by helping regulate the monthly menstrual cycle, promote preconception care, and treat hormonal imbalance.

The Maca root is also known to contain Vitamins B1, B2, C, E and minerals like calcium, phosphorus, zinc and iron.

Maca is a natural fertility supplement taken as a whole food that can allow males and females alike to benefit from it when taken on a regular basis. It aids the body to produce hormones by itself rather than having to resort to injection from an outside source whether through a chemical or natural process.

2.   Vitamin and Mineral Supplements – We often take vitamins and minerals simply to keep healthy and help our body fight against diseases. What many of us are unaware of is that there are natural fertility supplements that are in the form of vitamins and minerals. There are certain vitamins and minerals that are essential for women expecting to give birth or help the body prepare for a possible pregnancy. (I normally get the vitamins from here, it’s good price and pretty convenient) Some of these vitamins and minerals used as natural fertility supplements are:

  • Folic Acid – this is a component of Vitamin B that is essential for the production of genetic material and is generally vital in the development of the fetus in the womb. It can be found in green leafy vegetables, apricots, avocados, carrots, egg yolks and whole grains.
  • Zinc – this is important in helping men achieve high fertility status. It plays a vital role in cell division. The natural fertility supplements found in Zinc can be obtained by eating oats, rye, almonds and peas.
  • Essential Fatty Acids – EFA’s are important for pregnant women to help in the baby’s brain development. It is also essential for women who have suffered miscarriages associated with clotting. EFA’s can be taken in through Fish Oils, Evening Primrose and many others.

3.   Herbs – Herbs have been used as therapeutic remedies for many generations. They are also used as natural fertility supplements. Some of the natural herbs that can help boost fertility are raspberry and ginseng. An important precaution if you want to resort to using herbs as natural fertility supplements is that there are some people who are allergic to certain plants and it may be safe if you conduct an allergy test first before pursuing any herbal natural fertility supplement.

Fertility can be a depressing and complicated issue. However, dealing with it may not necessarily be as difficult as you think given the co-existence of medical and natural medicines available to help treat common infertility problems.

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