How many people are having difficulty conceiving is not an established fact as some of them do not go to the doctor.  However, it is usual for couples to get medical help to solve this problem.  In most of the cases there are some causes the expert is able to find and can treat. It is a misconception that the infertility is a woman’s issue.

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It is a problem faced by both men and women equally. There are about 20% couples whose cause of not having babies remains undisclosed. The most common causes and their treatments are described in brief below. The 90 % of the problem areas are regarding the first three issues (ovulation and the quality of the egg, blocked fallopian tubes and male related issue). Here are some guides for you but it is better to talk to your doctor for more specific suggestions.

1. Ovulation and the quality of the egg:

The conditions in this section include polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), bad egg quality and unbalanced ovulation or no ovulation at all.  These issues are related to age and are common in women who are aged over 37.  You can make a full assessment and depending on the results; the treatments are fertility drugs, in vitro fertilissation (IVF) and donor eggs.

2. Blocked fallopian tubes:

There are two fallopian tubes which allow the safe flow of the eggs from ovaries to uterus.  PID, endometriosis, scar tissue, damaged tube ends can block the tubes or make them abnormal.  Blocked tube makes pregnancy nearly impossible.  This is because the egg just can’t go to the uterus and the sperm can’t touch the egg.  The main solution offered is IVF.  Although in some case surgery might also help.  A laparoscopy is done to find out the correct treatment.

3. Male related issue:

For men the infertility is as a result of blockage of epididymis or the vas deferens.  Other reasons are bad sperm quality, bad motility, semen deficiency, or just not enough sperms.  For the solution, you can undergo operation to clear the blocked tubes or in some cases the operation might not be needed.  You can use the fertility drugs or artificially inseminate using the IUI.  Another alternative is the ICSI in which we inject sperms directly in to eggs (IVF).  There is another way which is to use the donor sperm.

4. Other miscellaneous reasons:

These include frequent miscarriages, endometriosis which causes other issues and also some unexplained causes. It is best to consult your doctor and if required, the doctor might refer you to a specialist.

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