Miscarriage can happen to one in every five women, which means it is very common. Usually miscarriages happen due to an abnormal sperm, an abnormal egg, or an abnormal combination of both. However, are there ways on how to prevent miscarriage?

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The truth is, majority of miscarriages are unstoppable. Don’t blame yourself, because nothing you did caused the miscarriage. It is a genetic defect. This does not mean that you or your partner have reproductive defect. Every man has an abnormal sperms, and every woman has abnormal eggs.

There is always a chance that an embryo will have a genetic defect, if this happens, there’s nothing you can do about it. With this defect, the embryo will come to a point wherein it will stop from growing, and ultimately be expelled from the body. Sometimes progesterone deficiency may also cause miscarriage.

If you have experienced pregnancy in the past or if the doctor tells you that your pregnancy is very risky, you will probably be having a miscarriage. A safe pregnancy cannot be guaranteed by anyone, not even the doctor, if ever you are at risk of having a miscarriage. There are no exact ways on how to prevent miscarriage, but there are steps you can do to have a healthy delivery.

If there are no other ways in how to prevent miscarriage, here are some steps on how to have a healthy delivery:

  1. Eating healthy food or having a great diet plan is a very helpful in having a healthy delivery. You must limit fat intake and increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. You can consult your doctor for the proper diet plan. He/She may be able to recommend the proper amount of fat intake, fiber intake and other important nutrition intakes.
  2. Drinking water is also very advisable in having a healthy delivery. Instead of drinking coffee or other beverages full of sugar, replace them with water intake. You can have tea or caffeine only occasional, and you must avoid alcohol. This is not a way on how to prevent miscarriage, but this will definitely help you have a healthy delivery.
  3. Your doctor will probably prescribe you with the supplements with minerals and irons and the best thing for you to do is take them. You must continue taking these prescribed supplements as advised by your doctor or else it will be useless.
  4. Even though your doctor may not be able to tell you how to prevent miscarriage, he/she will definitely be able to give you advises on the proper things to do so that you may have a healthy delivery. Your doctor will tell you to rest, avoid cigarettes, report symptoms and have the right tests. Having a blood test is one of the important tests you should have. You should always seek the advise of your doctor, they know what’s best for you.
  5. You should have a moderate exercise habit. You must have a walking routine; make sure you do it comfortably. Having a 30 to 40 minute walk a day can be very beneficial to you. Do this in the morning because fresh air can help your health and your child’s health too.
  6. You must not worry too much on things. Being depressed is very bad for you and your child. You must have a healthy social life, or keep a diary to jot down your feelings. You can tell your doctor if you have depression problems, because claiming that you have one can be very helpful.
  7. You should also get as much information as you can. Know about pregnancy, about genetic defects, how to prevent miscarriage and hot to have a healthy delivery. Reading this article may be very advisable. You can get vital information from different sources, like from the doctors, books, and the Internet.
  8. Get enough rest. You must sleep at least eight hours a day. You may also have short naps during noon. Avoid strain; let your husband do the chores. Pregnancy is not just your responsibility it must be conjugal.
  9. You must also learn to relax. Have a comfortable schedule. Have fun with your husband as you talk about your baby’s future.

There may be no proven way on how to avoid miscarriage, but you can try these steps to have a healthy delivery.

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