Getting pregnant is difficult after 40 but is definitely possible.  Here, we ill see the important tips for achieving this.

In the modern world the women try to seek a meaningful relationship after 30 and some women after 40. So it is not a great shock that women take a chance at pregnancy after they are past 40. However it is a known fact that the fertility drops quickly with age and the risks involved keep getting larger. And knowing this fact, is it right to expect to have a baby after 40? Is it not careless to expect a bay at this age. These questions trouble many women who could not have a baby in their 20’s or 30’s due to their careers or lack of meaningful relationships. It is not easy to get exact figure but it is assumed that about 100,000 are born every year to women with age between 40 and 45 in US alone. Now that is a low number. That is so because as the age increases, the risks involved with the pregnancy also increase. There are many risks such as birth defects, premature births and health issues associated with the pregnancy.

Another important fact is that there are many younger women who are facing issues with pregnancies while the older women are having successful pregnancies and normal babies. Some famous examples are, Geena Davis, Halle Berry, Nicole Kidman etc to name a few.

So the question is what does a woman 40 years of age has to do?
The first and foremost thing you have to do is to discuss this issue with the physician and take the necessary tests he will need to make the assessment. Depending upon your physical condition, the doctor is likely to advise you to do this quickly. And if that doesn’t do it he will advise an infertility treatment.
Exactly how should you get pregnant?

There is no ultra modern development in this field but the basic idea is to have sex during most fertile days. The timeframe for getting pregnant is small so the more time you spend on it, more the likelihood of success. There are books and references available on internet which can guide you to increase the spice in your love life.
Is there anything else which can be done to make sure that the attempts are successful?

Try to keep away from stress as it definitely reduces the woman’s fertility. So some pampering will be useful. Other things associated with this, such as massages, spa visits, facials, getaways and above all positive attitude will certainly improve the chances. Have folic acid tablets, supplements and vitamins as they will only help.

Another important thing to note is that its not just the women who have to make the effort. Remember it’s not just the women who are getting older but the men are as well. And the older men are less likely to be fertile enough. And the sperm from men over forty are more likely to have issues during the pregnancy and after the child is born.

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