You may be astounded to know that roughly 6.1 million American women are suffering from infertility and the numbers continue to rise worldwide. This is the prevalent reason why female fertility supplements are high on demand in the recent years.

History would tell us that humanity’s problem with infertility dates back to hundreds of years ago or probably even as old as mankind. In fact, centuries ago, when a couple fails to produce an offspring, the woman is automatically to be blamed. Thanks to modern technology and medicine, studies in recent years prove that men, too can be infertile.

There are several seen and unseen factors that contribute to infertility in women and the one sign that dominates them all is manifested by both man and woman and that is the failure to achieve conception after 1 year of having unprotected sexual intercourse. Another sign and symptom that is present in both is sexual dysfunction or the experience of difficulty in the course of a sexual activity. You can also have vaginal discharge, genital infection, dysmenorrhea and many others.

You and your partner may have been trying to conceive for a long time but with no success. You have tried everything in the book and followed your doctor’s orders but still there must be something that you may have overlooked and that’s precisely the reason why until now, you are not pregnant. Infertility may be a depressing condition but it can be cured. In fact, hundreds and probably even thousands of treatments in the market have already been tried and tested and these range from fertility drugs and supplements to surgical procedures. But before you proceed to any complicated methods to treat your infertility, try the simpler and natural ways first and move on from there. That way, you can ensure your own safety and with no side effects. This can be achieved by taking female fertility supplements.

In order for your reproductive health to function well, it needs to be nourished with all its required vitamins and minerals. You can obtain these much needed vitamins and minerals in the form of female fertility supplements. So what exactly are the necessary health nutrients that your body needs to support pregnancy? Here are the following female fertility supplements that can answer that:

  • Vitamin C and Bioflavinoids – These female fertility supplements work to flush out toxins from your body such as lead. Vitamin C aids in your ovulation process by stimulating your ovaries to produce eggs. If you lack this vitamin while you are pregnant, it can result to a miscarriage.
  • Calcium – This female fertility supplement is needed to produce fertile mucus in the vagina. You will determine that you are fertile when your mucus is flexible. However, if you lack calcium when you are pregnant, you can have toxemia or the presence of toxins in the blood.
  • Manganese – This female fertility supplement is essential in the breaking down of genetic material. It also aids in the secretions of the glands that affects your maternal instincts.
  • Zinc – A deficiency in this kind of female fertility supplement will result to a miscarriage. It can also result to abnormalities in your chromosomes and affect your reproductive health.
  • Iodine – This female fertility supplement promotes a balance in the hormones of your body. Your hormones need Iodine to function properly and if you lack this female fertility supplement, you may not ovulate during your cycle.
  • Vitamin A – If you want to keep a healthy fallopian tube, then you must have sufficient amount of Vitamin A. This female fertility supplement helps keep the cilia in your fallopian tubes healthy and functioning properly. Vitamin A is also a known antioxidant that will help cleanse toxic wastes from your body.

The causes of infertility do not only revolve around the weaknesses of your reproductive organs but is the result of the overall health status of your body. Always keep your body in tip-top shape. Nourish it with the needed vitamins and minerals to help it sustain pregnancy or help you get pregnant if you have never been one.