Fertility is a common problem not only in females but as well as in males. This is the reason why the popularity of male fertility supplement is rising.

What many of us are unaware of is that many years ago, the problem of infertility had only been associated with women. It’s only when studies in the recent years suggest men’s part in the problem that infertility in men are now given medical attention.

There are many signs and symptoms of infertility in male but the most dominant symptom that is obvious is when no conception has occurred after a year of having unprotected sex. There is another symptom that is called sexual dysfunction or the difficulty experienced by a couple during any stage of sexual activity. Both male and female can experience sexual dysfunction. This condition in the males is caused by erectile impotence, premature ejaculation, retarded ejaculation and even lack of knowledge about sex.

There are six major underlying factors that cause male infertility. Fortunately, this condition can be treated, reversed or cured depending on the severity of the case. The treatments and cures of male infertility may come in different methods from fertility drugs to surgery. However, it is important that you need to be diagnosed first by a qualified physician before any method of treatment is applied.

In many cases of male infertility, some cases do not need to go under surgery. In fact, there are natural products on the market that can cater to your fertility needs and these are called the male fertility supplements.

A huge part in trying to reverse the condition of male infertility is making sure that your health is in its optimum state. In order for you to start a remedy for infertility the first and important step is to answer the demand of your body for nutrients and essential vitamins and minerals. You may think you have already been doing this, however, when you are ingesting the wrong food into your body, it may not supply the right health elements needed by your body which can affect the functioning of your reproductive health, thereby causing infertility.

Here are some of the male fertility supplements that can boost your body’s health and help you achieve fertility:

  • L-Carnitine – This is a male fertility supplement that is an amino acid. It is needed to promote normal sperm function. In order for you to successfully implant your sperm into the female’s uterus you must be able to produce quality sperms. This means that your sperm must have high motility or alos known as your sperm’s ability to move towards an awaiting egg. Carnitine is a natural amino acid that can aid in preserving healthy sperms with high in numbers and carnitine levels.
  • Arginine – This male fertility supplement is also an amino acid that is needed to improve the health of your sperm. As you age, the levels of your arginine decline and this male fertility supplement that provides natural arginine can be of great help especially to older male patients.
  • Selenium – This male fertility supplement is known to promote good sperm mobility. Almost half of a male’s selenium is found in the testes and seminal ducts. You lose selenium in your semen.
  • Vitamin E – This male fertility supplement is essential to improve the overall health of your sperm. Your sperm can be damaged due to free radicals and the antioxidants present in Vitamin E can reduce the number of free radicals in your body.
  • Omega Fatty Acids – This male fertility supplement are Omega-3 fatty acids that you get from fish oil and flaxseed and Omega-6 that are present in evening primrose and starflower oils. This type of male fertility supplement can improve the fluidity of sperm membrane and boost overall male fertility.

Trying to conceive is difficult when you are at risk or diagnosed with infertility. Try some of these male fertility supplements that can improve your body’s health and in effect, boost your fertility.