Endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects 12 million young and old women in the United States plus millions more worldwide. This disease is painful that is why many women seek endometriosis treatment to alleviate their situation.

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A lot of women and young girls are affected by endometriosis in their reproductive years. Endometriosis or commonly called as Endo occurs when the endometrium, a tissue that lines in the uterus is found outside of the uterus. It can develop in other organs such as the ovaries, and fallopian tubes. It can also be found between the vagina and rectum. Other parts of the body in which the endometrium can develop are the bladder, vagina, cervix, vulva and abdominal scars from previous surgeries.

Normally, the lining of your uterus grows and thickens every month and it sheds itself and goes out of the body through your monthly menstrual cycle. Menstrual blood flows out of the uterus and out of the body. However, when the lining or endometrium grows in another part or organ of the body, it does not have the characteristic to remove the endometrium through menstrual bleeding therefore the endometrial tissue has no way of leaving the body. The result is an internal bleeding that is caused by the breakdown of the blood and tissue from the lesions, and inflammation. The endometrial tissue will now form into nodules or tumors and can cause pain, infertility and bowel problems.

If you have been suffering from endometriosis, it can be very painful and symptoms can worsen over time. In rare cases, if the disease is ignored, it can become cancerous.

Pain reliever for Endometriosis

If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis, there are certain endometriosis treatments available for you.  The first thing you might want to do is to alleviate the pain of the symptoms. The first line of endometriosis treatment that you can take is an oral or injected gonadotrophin releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist that can temporarily drop female hormones to interrupt the menstrual cycle and relieve pain. You can also take anti-inflammatory medicated drugs such as aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen. These pills can help relieve pain from swelling.

Surgical endometriosis treatments Options

There are cases of endometriosis where the growth needs to be removed and one endometriosis treatment option that your physician can recommend for you is a surgical procedure called laparoscopic surgery. This is done by removing the endometriosis lesions to help repair damaged organs and in cases where fertility is affected, it can also be corrected.

For a more severe case of endometriosis, an endometriosis treatment that can be applied is called laparotomy. This is done by making larger incisions and longer recuperating time than laparoscopy.

Natural endometriosis treatments Options

There are also safe and effective natural endometriosis treatments that women with this condition can consider.

First, an important endometriosis treatment is a change in diet. Research suggests that dairy products can affect your menstrual cycle badly if you are suffering from endometriosis. You would need to lay low on the consumption of dairy products. Instead, eat a lot of calcium-rich foods such as non-fat milk and yogurt.

Second, another easy and essential endometriosis treatment is regular exercise and weight control. Physical activities can help lower your estrogen levels and keep the inflammation of endometrial tissue to a small level. You also need to keep an eye on your weight by maintaining a BMI or body mass index of around 25 or lower. Exercise and weight control are important endometriosis treatments that will naturally control your hormones as well as keep your body healthier and your skin clearer.

And third, there are certain herbal remedies that are also considered as endometriosis treatments. However, if you choose to do this option, you would need to be a bit more patient as the result would usually take longer than other methods of endometriosis treatments.

Dealing with endometriosis can be rough and painful. However, with the different endometriosis treatments presented above, your options are wide and varied. Talk to your doctor and discuss on the proper endometriosis treatment that is right for you.

Click here to find out how to resolve endometriosis and help to get pregnant