Infertility is fast becoming one of the major problems of health. This is one of the frequent diagnoses on couples who have been trying to conceive for over a year without success.

One possibility cause of infertility is endometriosis.

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As a woman–or a human being for that matter–you are not only dealing with diseases and illnesses but there is also the fear of being infertile. While there is a wide variety of causes of infertility such as other serious illnesses, one of the many known causes is endometriosis.

Endometriosis is a medical condition in women where abnormal cells develop and thrive in areas outside the uterus, most commonly on the ovaries. The development of these endometrial-like cells is influenced by female hormones. The growth of Endometriosis is commonly observed while you’re in your ripe age of reproduction.  Studies reveal that roughly 5-10% of women have Endometriosis experience endometriosis signs such as pelvic pain among others.

Infertility is often caused when there is a scarring or adhesions in the fallopian tube and ovaries. There are instances when a scarring takes place due to the presence of endometriosis and in this case, there is a high probability of the woman to become infertile. This is because the ovaries and the fallopian tubes may not be in their proper position so the egg transfer is not carried out successfully. Also, endometriosis can cause damage or blockage of your fallopian tube, thus obstructing the egg as it travels from the ovary down to the uterus. For this reason, endometriosis can reduce chances of pregnancy.

While the thought of possibly having endometriosis is scary and very depressing, it might come as positive news that not all women who have endometriosis are infertile. If your endometriosis is not at all serious, there no likely blockage in your fallopian tube and therefore, there is minimum risk of infertility.

There aren’t any proven factors that cause endometriosis except that it can be a genetic defect. Even then, this cause is only based on theories. To further explain this theory, endometrial cells grow and develop outside the uterus during the development stage of the fetus. Another theoretical cause of endometriosis condition suggests that the culprit is the menstrual cycle of the woman, in which case, the menstrual tissue backs up through the fallopian tube and into the abdominal cavity.

If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis there are several treatment options that you can look into. One of this treatment options is a surgical procedure called laparoscopy that targets to remove any endometriosis and adhesions present. For instances where endometriosis has damaged any internal organ near the area where it has developed, the surgical procedure will also attempt to restore or repair the damage and put it as closely back to its normal position as possible.

However, if you are too scared to go ‘under the knife’ and simply hate surgeries, there are natural treatments that you can also try. There are three known natural remedies that can help treat endometriosis.

One natural treatment for endometriosis is through Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Experts on this type of treatment believe that blood clotting is the primary cause of endometriosis. Hence, one must carry out methods to improve blood circulation in the body to treat endometriosis.

The second natural treatment for endometriosis is acupuncture. TCM has long been using this type of alternative medicine to treat many known illnesses and endometriosis is one of them. Acupuncture is done by inserting fine-tipped needles are certain points of the body to stimulate your nerves and activate your natural healing abilities. To achieve and maintain maximum blood flow in the uterus is an important goal to achieve in treating endometriosis, according to Lin Zhou, M.D. of Acupuncture & Alternative Medicine of Dallas.

The third natural treatment for endometriosis is through herbal medicine. Herbal medicine has been proven to treat many diseases and it’s one of the safest alternative medicines around as it poses not harmful side effects because of its natural ingredients. Most herbal medicines are derived from plants and some have been proven to treat endometriosis, immunological infertility, and male sub-fertility.

The condition of endometriosis can prove to be very serious if it is taken for granted. Never let endometriosis be the cause of your infertility. Do something about it today.

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