The ability to give birth should be a part of our biological makeup. Sadly, 15-20% of women in the United States are facing infertility problems and many more may not be aware of their own fertility status. A simple solution of learning the different infertility signs in women might help you understand the problem and know ways to cure it.

Infertility in women means the inability to conceive or carry a baby in the womb to a full term pregnancy or until its birth. Your age is one of the most important factors that cause infertility. Your ripe reproductive age is in your twenties. Infertility signs in women start to manifest with age. The older you get, the harder it will be for you to conceive. Therefore, if you and your partner have been trying to conceive for months to a year now without any success, and you are well past 30, then you ought to be concerned and should consider talking to your doctor about it.

Not one person in this world would think that he or she could be infertile. You thought it couldn’t happen to you, but it can. When infertility strikes, you need to know everything about the condition to determine the proper methods of treatment. Fortunately, some infertility signs in women can be treated. But before you get right on to the treatment procedure, discover the different infertility signs in women to help you assess and confirm whether you really are infertile or not.

You could be infertile because of hormone imbalance or problems in your reproductive tract. Here are some of the common infertility signs in women:

  • One of the early infertility signs in women is when you have been regularly having unprotected sex with your partner to nearly 12 months without a conception. That could be a potential sign of infertility.
  • If you are experiencing irregular monthly periods or not having any at all, it could also be one of the infertility signs in women. Every woman old enough to bear a child is supposed to have menstruation. If it’s not infertility, it can be a sign of another health problem. Better go see your doctor about it.
  • Have you had any experience with miscarriage? This is the loss of a fetus before reaching week 20 of your pregnancy. It is a shocking fact that many women suffer miscarriages because they did not now they were pregnant in the first place. Although miscarriage or the loss of a fetus is not one of the major infertility signs in women, it can be an indicator of a hormonal problem that you need to address quickly before it turns into a serious infertility problem. If you have experienced successive miscarriages, you need to check with your doctor to be medically assessed on what could possibly be wrong with your reproductive health.
  • There are certain infertility signs in women that even your doctor may not be aware of such as a deficiency problem that prevents your hormones from stimulating your reproductive system to function properly. Other results of this problem can be a stagnation of blood and an infection or inflammatory problem that is a byproduct of a heat problem.
  • Having an extremely high level of stress can also be one of the many infertility signs in women. If you have this problem, act upon it immediately. It is something that you can personally do and have total control over by eliminating the cause of your stress to help you get pregnant.
  • Even having an unhealthy craving for fast foods rather than well-prepared foods can be one of the infertility signs in women. Start a healthy habit of eating right.

As soon as you begin to manifest any of the infertility signs in women, you must make an immediate appointment with your doctor to have yourself thoroughly checked and be properly advised on what to do to beat fertility. A lot of couples who dealt with infertility in the past found a cure. Who knows? Maybe yours is not a hopeless case. Visit your doctor or find out how I got my first kid naturally here.