As a man, it may be pretty hard to admit and accept that among the millions of men in the world, you are one of the unfortunate victims of infertility.

Hard as it is, deal with it. Infertility of men is more common than you might actually think.

Couples dealing with infertility are a shared responsibility by both man and woman. This might not be a fact a hundred years back, but in the present time, we would not raise an eyebrow upon hearing the issue of infertility of men. It is rampant and it is normal. Your body is not as perfect as you’d like to think it is. It can have abnormalities and limitations and infertility could be one of them. The issue of infertility of men affects 10 million males in the United States alone.

Reverse infertility for men

In case you are unsure of the meaning of infertility, it is the inability to conceive to due a number of factors, mostly about an abnormality in your reproductive system.

Here are some of the common causes of infertility of men:

  • Infertility of men’s common culprit is a low sperm count. The World Health Organization has issued a basic guideline for a normal male sperm count. A normal count should be equal to greater than 20 million sperms for every one milliliter of semen. If a test indicates that you only have 10 million sperm count or lower, then you could possibly be infertile.
  • Another reason for infertility of men is when one is born with an impaired shape and movement of sperm. The movement of a sperm is also known as sperm motility. This is a unique characteristic of a sperm to swim towards an awaiting egg for fertilization. For some males, the sperm’s movement and direction is erratic and the shape of the sperm itself is impaired or damaged.
  • A condition called varicocele is also cause for infertility of men.  This is when a vein in the male’s scrotum is enlarged or swollen. This condition can cause a decrease in number and motility of sperm.
  • There is a cause of infertility of men that you may have gotten since you were born and that it can be genetic and runs in the DNA of your family. There may be an abnormal development in your testicles that result to low sperm production and low testosterone. It also causes the normal X and Y chromosomes to become two X and one Y.
  • One of the causal factors of infertility of men that many have suffered is due to sexually transmitted diseases or STDs. When you have contracted an STD, it can cause a scarring and block the pathway for your sperm. Some dangerous STDs that can be a cause for infertility of men are Chlamydia and gonorrhea. There are also infections like mumps that you should try your best to avoid because it, too, can cause infertility of men. This condition is common among children.

If you are one of the million of males who are dealing with infertility, it may not be too late for you. There are medical treatments that you can undergo to help save your fertility. However, if you are anxious and hesitant about going through a surgical operation to treat infertility, you may want to start by doing simple and natural methods to reverse infertility at home.

Try these natural treatments for Infertility of men at home:

  1. Keep a healthy diet of nuts, some raw fruits and vegetables. While fast foods are usually tempting, they can also be bad for your fertility and over-all health. Include some healthy foods in your meals and try your best to prepare them at home without the use of artificial seasoning and other food additives.
  2. Exercise daily and keep your body in tip-top shape. Stress can also affect your sperm production and motility. Relieve bodily stress to fight Infertility in male.
  3. Simply stay away from alcoholic beverages and also caffeinated drinks as these ingredients impair sperm production.
  4. With the advice and monitoring of your doctor, you can take fertility supplements for men to help improve your sperm volume as well as your sperm count and motility. Be properly advised on the type of supplement that you need and which is a safe brand for you.

There is no reason for infertility to ruin your relationship with your partner. Address your problem with infertility as soon as possible and learn to practice the methods of infertility treatment that can be beneficial for you and your partner’s future family.