Recognizing a burst ovarian cyst or any health condition is not easy. Experienced practitioners can easily commit the mistake of making a wrong diagnosis of an ailment. More so, many health conditions have almost the same symptoms with one another making it even more difficult to make a proper diagnosis. Even for an expert OBGyn, determining whether a woman has a burst ovarian cyst can be tricky.

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If you or your doctor makes the mistake of pronouncing a wrong diagnosis on a series of symptoms, this can be fatal and may pose a more serious health problem in the future.

There are some women whose first instinct is to make wrong conclusions when they feel any pain in their body. After popping a pill or two and with the pain gone, they think that the problem has also disappeared. Self-diagnosis is common to avoid medical expenses. When practiced physicians can make errors detecting certain illnesses, imagine the mistake that an unqualified person can make.

The Common Confusion of Burst Ovarian Cyst with Other Health Conditions

A woman who is unfamiliar with burst ovarian cyst may most likely confuse it with pregnancy because irregular menstruation, vomiting, nausea and abdominal cramps are its symptoms which are also similar to pregnancy symptoms. Women who are more prone to making this type of mistake are those who have not yet conceived any children.

A burst ovarian cyst can also be mistaken for appendicitis. The pain is similar to that of an inflamed appendix that is already on the edge of eruption. Being able to tell the two apart will require a more thorough medical examination.

Common Symptoms of Burst Ovarian Cyst

To be able to pinpoint a burst ovarian cyst, here are the common symptoms that you should look out for:

– breast tenderness

– abdominal fullness

– significant blood loss that can sometimes lead to dizziness

– frequent urge to urinate

– cysts can also be the cause of back pain associated with ovarian cysts

Once you manifest any of these symptoms, it is best that you see your doctor immediately for a more thorough check-up.

Uncommon Symptoms of Bust Ovarian Cysts

– gas and indigestion

–  loss of appetite

– the urgent need to urinate is also considered a less common sign

Making a wrong diagnosis on any health condition of your body can be fatal. Learn to detect any slight changes in your body that you think is not normal or something that you don’t normally feel on a day to day basis. This can be a precursor of an even bigger and more serious condition. Better yet, set an appointment with your health provider for a more a more definitive diagnosis.

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