Infertility is a dreaded and difficult problem among couples worldwide. That is why knowing where to go to seek medical help is a relief for many who are dealing with this condition. It is time that you get to know and become familiar with some of the best fertility clinics that caters the needs of people with infertility problems.

There are thousands of best fertility clinics around the world. However, before making a hasty trip to the first one on the list, you need to put into consideration the aspects on how to determine the best fertility clinics around.

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The idea of a best fertility clinic may vary between couples. An important factor that shapes this influence is the priority of every couple among other things. One thing that can help a couple determine which best fertility clinic to go to are the charges and rates especially when insurance does not cover the complete medical expenses. Another factor that couples may consider when checking out for the best fertility clinics is the location of the clinic and how accessible it is for travel.

Aside from these two usual factors, here are other factors to determine the best fertility clinics:

  1. The Availability of Fertility Treatments – To determine if it’s one of the best fertility clinics you need to check and ask questions with regards to the expertise of the staff working in the clinic and whether they have maximum knowledge for IVF treatment and other fertility treatment methods.
  2. Success Rates – Another thing to look for in some of the best fertility clinics is the success rate of their delivered treatments to their clientele. There is also a need to check on the ages of the patients who have sought treatment to the clinic because age is an important factor in the success of infertility treatments. Say for example, patients within the age bracket 20 to 30 years old will obviously have higher success rates compared to patients in their forties or older.
  3. Treatment Duration – You need to determine the number of patients in the clinic and whether you will be attended the soonest possible time. Some clinics have a long waiting list especially if they are known to have a well-trained medical staff. You need to know the screening process before the actual treatment for you to assess the duration of how long you would need to wait before you will be attended upon.
  4. Female Medical Staff – Knowing that the best fertility clinic have expert female fertility experts may help minimize your anxiety on the whole treatment process and make it easier for you to be at ease and open to the attending physician. Before you make an appointment, find out if you will be attended by a female fertility expert throughout the whole fertility treatment process.

Once you have checked out everything that you need and want for a best fertility clinic, here are some of the best fertility clinics around the world if you are considering on traveling abroad for a fertility treatment:

  1. Center for Assisted Fertilisation (Naples and Rome Italy) – Some of the services offered in this clinic are ovulation cycle monitoring, semen evaluation, hormone therapy, IUI, IVF, GIFT and ZIFT.
  2. Clinica EUGIN (Barcelona Spain) – They offer IVF, IVF with donor eggs and donor sperm, ovulation induction, AI, GIFT, ZIFT and ICSI.
  3. The Fertility Center at Bumrungrad Hospitral (Bangkok, Thailand) – They offer hormone therapy, ovulation induction, AI, sperm retrieval, ICSI.
  4. Barbados Fertility Center – They offer IUI, IVF, assisted hatching, blastocyst transfer, testicular/epididymal sperm aspiration, pre-implantation genetic screening (PGD), donor  egg and sperm program, embryo freezing.
  5. Crete Fertility Center (Crete, Greece) – This clinic offers cryopreservation, semen analysis, IUI, IVF, ICSI.

To choose the best fertility clinic, a thorough research is needed to help you determine which among then many caters the best of your needs. You can make a list of all the best fertility clinics that contain the highest success rates and narrow your choices according to your priorities. However, if you are considering getting pregnant naturally, you should find out more tips that will help you get conceived naturally. Here is the tips that helped me get my first kid.