Hello, there,

Welcome to our blog and thanks for taking time to check this blog out. You might wonder who we are, and why we are creating this blog. Below is a short story about us.

My husband and I were both in our mid-30s, we haven’t really tried to have babies until about 2 years ago. My husband works as a Global Sales Manager in an IT company. His job requires him to travel pretty often and also takes him to OT quite a lot. Plus, he has to deal with customers in Asia as well, and this has caused him day and night reversed. As for me, I work in a software company that I have to deal with quite a heavy load of technical stuff which has drained my brains out a lot. In addition, I’m also responsible for techinical issues from our European subsidiaries and partners, which also makes me work late.

Due to the work pressure and current outside environment, we just had no time and felt tired of trying. Our bodies seemed to lose all positive potential factors that do affect the chances of pregnancy when we want to get pregnant. Both my husband and I agreed not to take medicine to help us on fertility, we were looking for natural ways to get pregnant. After talking to friends and searching from internet, we found some great tips on increasing chances of pregnancy naturally and we hope to share some of our experiences and help out others who might also have same troubles with us. If you have any questions or remarks, pls feel free to drop us an email as we could always discuss to help each other out. 🙂

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